Rules & conditions of ambassador program

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Rules and conditions about our Ambassador program

We like to be very open and transparent, so dont hesitate to contact us at any time to talk or clarify things. Below are a couple of major guidelines about our Ambassador program.


  • The person that you have referred, needs to be a real person (for example by topping up on GoTennis) and sign up to GoTennis with a functioning email.
  • The person needs to write down the name of the individual who referred them during the sign-up process. In case they forget, they can send an email to and we will deal with on a personal basis.
  • You will receive regular emails to tell you the status of the number of referrals that have put you down. In case you want to know, dont hesitate to contact us by email.


  • Every referral is worth “1 point” and the points accumulate until you decide to use them and collect a prize.
  • Each prize category can be collected when you have enough points, meaning it is not a staged approach.

For example: you have got 10 referrals. You need to decide if you would like to collect the prize….or keep going to get up to 20 and collect a much bigger and more attractive prize

  • When you would like to collect your prize, send us an email to, we will check that you have enough points and arrange with you how best to give it to you.


  • Our standard terms and conditions of behaviour and responsibilities apply. Including that GoTennis reserves the right to revoke your status of an Ambassador, or the referrals that you claim and standard proceedures apply.
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