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There is so much happening in the tennis world! We like sharing some of those news with you.

🆕 We will bring you tennis news from around the world as well as news regarding GoTennis. 🆕  You can also get glimpses of our cool Brussels office. 😎

GoTennis news #19 - Tennis Coach & Tennis Fitness in Urban spaces!

GoTennis news #18 - Winter season is upon us & A big thanks to everyone!

GoTennis news #17 - Welcome back to Coaching, tournaments and more!

GoTennis news #16 - Tennis Anytime & Anywhere!

GoTennis news #15 - Elite Ambassadors!

GoTennis news #14 - Heat is Upon us!

GoTennis news #13 - Wonders of Wimbledon

GoTennis news #12 - Summer fun ☀️

GoTennis News #11 Grass season is upon us 🌱🌱

GoTennis News #10:  Let the e-games begin


Did you know that  one in three people on the planet play free games on PC and mobile? That’s 2,5 billion of us!! 😯

And have you heard that the French Open 2018 is the first Grand Slam hosting an e-gaming competition? 🎾🎾


🔥🎾 GoTennis news #9 : the lefties 🎾🔥

GoTennis news #8: The comeback

GoTennis news #7 : Sliding in tennis

GoTennis News #6 : Tennis tournaments

GoTennis News #5 : Running & Tennis

GoTennis News #4: Recycling in tennis: dream or reality?

What are you doing with your old tennis balls?
Most of our fluffy friends will find themselves on the landfill,
non-biodegradable. What a sad image that is! Therefore, more and more clubs are partnering up with recycling companies to give tennis balls either a new life or a new purpose.


GoTennis News #3: Doping in tennis, Maria Sharapova's case..

GoTennis News #2: Injuries in tennis and the Indian Wells

GoTennis News #1: Big news! The announcement of the creation of a "World Cup" !

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