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Welcome to GoTennis community!

Community page is all about our players, friends and fans & their comments. It is a page where the focus is on our community, because without you guys, there would be no GoTennis! 
We will post pictures and videos from not only Brussels, but all over Belgium and much further. 🌍

We love our community and our community loves GoTennis back! Share your material with us & we will post it on our website, Instagram or Facebook page. 

Community Shares:

Relaxing after tennis fitness session
Gotennis Tournament winning double team
Gotennis pop up event park

Tennis coach explains exercise tennis fitness
After tournament hang out

Tennis on the beach





Check out our latest photos from our tennis events, tournaments, campaigns and players from our communication here at GoTennis

GoTennis Team Anu
GoTennis Team
Team GoTennis
GoTennis Team
Doubles tournament mounier
doubles tournament mounier
Hit a prize and take it home
Prize table and sign up
HEAD Tennis racket & Balls
Luxinlon t shirts to win
Working team at gotennis
Tennis world tour ps4 game
Dinner at mounier restaurant
Explaining the tournament rules
Doubles tournament mounier
Doubles tournament mounier
Doubles tournament mounier
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Hashtag gotennis beach
Doubles tennis on the beach oostende
doubles tennis team on the beach
Posing in gotennis t shirts
Serving on the beach
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find a tennis partner
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find a tennis partner
find a tennis partner
find a tennis partner
find a tennis partner
find a tennis partner
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GoTennis Working “Behind the scenes”

GoTennis goes GREEN with BreakBall

You also want cheaper tennis balls?
You also like trees to grow?
You also want to help the ones in need?
So you also are BreakBall !

GoTennis works in collaboration with BreakBall to recycle tennis balls & offer them a second life, while respecting the environment !

BreakBall is a small company created by Emilio Torres and Jean Collinet. It’s goal is to sell 2nd hand tennis balls at a cheaper price so every player can have fun and improve their level. BreakBall also takes back those same used balls and gathers other sports equipment to send them to Rwanda.

tennis equipment